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Congratulations on considering WordPress for your website. This site (built on WordPress) will help you set yourself up for success whatever kind of site you are building.

I’ll start quickly with the basic recommendations I always make:

Why WordPress?

Whether you’re building the simplest one-page website possible or a complex content or commerce site WordPress will grow with you and you are guaranteed to always have total control of your code, content, design, and data.

Being open source means that WordPress comes with a community of designers, developers, themes, and plugins all over the globe for a range of prices — usually starting from free. Whether you DIY or outsource you will always find help from the community, from professionals, and from thousands of sites and articles that take you through every step of building what you need.

The reason that WordPress powers more than one third of the world’s websites (and growing) is because it lends and bends itself to your unique requirements.

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About the Author

Richard has been using WordPress for over a decade and has worked directly on WordPress, WordPress.com, and Jetpack during his time at Automattic, the company behind WordPress’s commercial success.