Brute Force Attack Protection for WordPress

Brute force attacks are the most common form of hacking and they are, unfortunately, increasingly common.

The way they work is that, using large computer networks, automated hacking scripts try to figure out your password by using different combinations of usernames and passwords until they find the right one. (This is why strong passwords are essential.)

Apart from risking unauthorised access to your site’s data, brute force attacks can have the following undesirable effects:

  • Slow down your site (or cause it to stop responding) because of repeated server requests.
  • Allow hackers to modify your code or insert spammy links which decrease your site reputation with both users and with Google.

Fortunately, it is easy to avoid these risks for free with Jetpack. Jetpack’s brute force attack protection service is both state-of-the-art and free.

However it is recommended to use the Personal plan to couple brute force attack protection with automated spam filtering.